Educational project

"The child is not a vase that is filled but a spring that is let out" Maria Montessori

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Because it allows us to respect the rhythm of learning and to develop the personality of each child, we put the pedagogy elaborated by Maria Montessori, at the center of our educational project.

In an environment prepared according to its needs, the child learns to take care of his environment and experiences teaching materials that stimulate his five senses. By choosing his activity alone, the child works autonomously, he freely sets his attention and thus develops his powers of concentration. His curiosity and his desire to learn are reinforced.

Welcomed in a benevolent climate, the child develops his confidence and self-esteem. Montessori pedagogy encourages emulation and cooperation through the mixing of ages in the same class. The child is observed and accompanied in its evolution, neither noted nor evaluated, the material being self-corrective.

Our school wants to be open to the world and respectful of nature. We go out once a week to discover our natural and cultural environment. We offer your children a bilingual environment (French-English) by reading, singing and doing some activities of the class.