Pour une refondation de l'école guidée par les enfants: Céline Alvarez at TEDxIsèreRiver

Montessori, c'est fou ! (Trevor Eissler)

Useful links

Association Montessori of France :


Where to find Montessori schools ? 

Directory of the association Aux couleurs de Montessori (Carcassone)

Directory of the online shop Montessori-Spirit

Directory of the association Demain l'école

Map on the Céline Alvarez website (Montessori experience of education at the Gennevillier school)


Association on benevolent parenting in Gaillac :

L'île aux parents proposes parent-child meetings and organizes every two years a day of workshops, meetings-debates with an associative forum.

Association Eduka 3000-Tarn opens up an exchange space on parenting and education and offers workshops, weekends and conferences for families and professionals.

Le Printemps de l'éducation : movement for a renewal of education.


Other resssources on benevolent parenting : 

Isabelle Fillioza videos from who we also recommend all her books (now very cheap because in pocket).

- The website famille épanouie. 

Last edited: 17/05/2023