The Montessori phylosophy

Montessori Gaillac
Montessori Gaillac


At the beginning of the 20th century, Maria Montessori discovered by offering appropriate material and by leaving the child free to choose his activity, he is able to learn for himself and at his own pace.

The sensory and practical activities that are offered to children prepare them for further learning until abstraction (writing, reading, mathematics, geometry, grammar). The child encouraged in individual work is neither judged nor interrupted, which enables him to develop his abilities of concentration and self-confidence.

The atmosphere is prepared for the child, it is simple, calm, aesthetic and protective. In this environment suitable for its size and strength, the child can evolve independently. The material is stored on shelves within its reach. Each object has a definite place, this concern for order corresponds to a need of the young child and generates a feeling of security.

Montessori School Gaillac

The educational material is unique, it avoids comparison and allows a better development of self-esteem.

The opportunity to choose an activity according to its interest, to be able to manipulate, train and self-regulate in a reassuring environment, gives the child a sense of satisfaction and motivation guaranteeing his future learning.

The educator Montessori prepares the atmosphere. His observation is essential because it allows him to present the material to the child by respecting its rhythm and by spotting the sensitive periods in it.

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